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Kazan lies in the heart of the Volga region, the most important economic area of the Russian Federation after Moscow. Many important Russian regions are parts of this area such as Republics of Tatarstan and Mari El, the regions Saratov, Samara and Ulyanovsk. 22% of the population lives in the region, the industrial output amounts to 24%. One quarter of the agricultural products of Russia, which reached up to 3,790.8 m dollar in 2012, are produced here. 51.8% of all summer crops grown in Russia are cultivated in the Volga Region. In 2016 an increase of 22.6% of arable area compared to 2012 is expected.

The Republic of Tatarstan is not only the center of the oil and gas production and machine building industry but also one of the most important agricultural regions in Russia. 4.2% of agricultural products of the Russian Federation are produced here. 10% of the population of the Republic work in the agricultural sector. Tatarstan has 4.5 m hectares of agricultural area, 3.4 m hectares thereof are cultivated land. 1,800 big, middle and small enterprises and 30,000 farmers work in the agricultural sectors of the region and are responsible for agricultural products of 6.7 bn RUB. The main cultivated cultures are grain, sugar beet, potatoes and vegetables.

Nowadays, several federal and local programmes for the development of the agriculture are implemented in the Republic. In 2014, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food plans to invest 20 m RUB in the agricultural production, 20 m RUB in science, 51 m RUB in the start-ups and 60 m RUB in family run farms. Moreover the Tatarian Ministry of Economics offers farmers the financial support for the purchase of agricultural machinery: up to 3 m RUB per company.

The agriculture of the Republic of Tatarstan has a big potential which can be tapped through improved production methods and the mechanisation. This is why the region is a perfect sales market for state-of-the-art agricultural machines, means of production and know-how.

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